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stunningdreamer's Journal

A rating community <33
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

8 auto accepts/rejects left!

Stunning Dreamer is a rating community. We will rate you based mostly on your looks and little on personality. Stamped members have the right to say anything they want and express their honest opinions about you. If you can’t take the heat then save yourself the pain.

Rules for applicants:
o1. You must be at least 13 years old to apply.
o2. DO NOT argue with any of the stamped members.
o3. Put "Am I stunning?" in the subject line so we know that you have read the rules.
o4. DO NOT delete your application under any circumstances.
o5. DO NOT alter the codes in the application in any way if you don't know what you're doing. If you do know what you're doing and you'd like to change the codes around then be my guest.
o6. DO NOT delete any comments/votes made by other members on your application.
o7. You may only post your entry and comments regarding your application. Any posts by unaccepted members in any entry other then their own will result in an auto-ban.
o8. If rejected you may re-apply with new pictures in after a week.

Rules for members:
o1. Remember to put "Stamped" in your subject line when making new posts.
o2. Make your votes CLEAR. Please type "yes", "no", or "sway me" in the subject line.
o3. Be as harsh as you want.
o4. Promote as much as you can and please stay ACTIVE.
o5. Unactive members will be removed. (You will have to re-apply)
o6. If you are on hiatus please make a post informing us. When you're back from hiatus please make a new post informing us. There is no time limit for being on hiatus but if we notice that you have been gone for a long time without any notice at all then you will be removed. (You will have to re-apply.)
o7. If you do not want to be apart of this community anymore please make a post stating that you're leaving.
o8. When making new posts please use a lj-cut for large pictures.
o9. There is no limit to how many times you can post a week. Not all posts must contain pictures if you're stamped, but stun us with your beauty every once in a while.
1o. You don't have to be perfect angels, but try not to pick fights with each other.


Have fun and good luck!

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